A Solution with Many Advantages


Materials with high market prices are sorted for recycling.

Eliminating Open Dumps

It allows the use of the waste already discarded in open dumps, preventing risks to the environment and to the public health, especially the neediest communities.

Carbon Capture

Pyrolysis is one of the few technology options for carbon capture, that is, it removes carbon from the atmosphere, combating global warming and producing carbon credits.

Definitive Solution

The waste is not only buried, but recovered for energetic use, giving a definitive solution for its destination.

Commerciable By-Products

The INNOVA Plant produces biochar for agriculture application that grants many benefits to the soil and improves its fertility.

Return over Capital

From the commercialization of recyclables, electricity, thermal energy and other by-products the solution gives good return over capital and job and income for the community.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Differently from other sources of energy that create environmental concerns, the INNOVA plant gives a solution for an environment issue, producing clean and renewable energy