INNOVA offers a local solution for industries that have big quantities of waste (pre- and post-consumer) and need an alternative of treatment and use of these materials, eliminating the risks of the conventional disposal to co-processing in cement kilns or landfills.

INNOVA offers compact plants with capacities starting at 5 tons per day, that can use different kinds of waste like packaging, scrap, sludge and many others efficiently and with environmental benefits, even for hazardous waste.

Beyond the solution given to the residues, the INNOVA plants represent also an energetic alternative for the client, through the substitution of other fuels like natural gas, biomass, etc. with important profits.

The IA technology is in full agreement with the Solid Waste National Policy 12.305/2010, and represents an effective and a technical and economic feasible mechanism for helping the industries to suit the Shared Responsibility and Reverse Logistics obligations set by the law.