INNOVA offers an alternative solution to landfills, in harmony with the national policy, and especially designed to meet the needs of the municipality. The basic model was already adopted by the Municipality of Boa Esperança (MG) and can be applied in a similar way in other municipalities of Brazil, creating social, economic and environmental benefits. 

Modules with 50 or 115 tons of Municipal Solid Waste are ideal for small and medium size municipalities, allowing a definitive solution, the recovery of recyclables and the energy recovery for this issue.

The pyrolysis reactor works at a low temperature and in the absence of oxygen, transforming the non recyclable residues in a clean fuel gas for energy production.

The INNOVA plants can be installed in small areas, they are self sustainable in water needs and have very simple operation and maintenance.

The INNOVA plants allow for an up to 90% reduction on the volume of residues that are sent to landfills and can treat also the waste that is already discarded in open dumps in order to eliminate environmental impacts.

All the equipment used in the INNOVA Plants are built by Brazilian companies, reducing problems of supply and maintenance. 

Although the landfills are the most common disposal solution for MSW in Brazil, this solution is clearly temporary and not sustainable as it demands big areas, an extended period of water, soil and air monitoring and it buries materials that could be reused in order to produce economic, social and environmental benefits. 

Countries with more experience in waste management policy are always trying to depend less on landfills, investing in sorting systems, recycling and energy recovery of the remaining fraction, exactly what INNOVA is offering.