Innova Technology

INNOVA Technology is considered an evolution of the Slow Rotary Drum Pyrolysis because other traditional plants use a boiler and a steam turbine to generate electricity, while INNOVA technology cleans the syngas before its energetic use in Internal Combustion Engines, obtaining a higher electric efficiency and cleaner emissions with safer and simpler operation.

Before the pyrolysis reactor it is used a pre-treatment plant that removes metals and reduces the size of the feedstock. This solution allows also the use of a waste sorting facility for the recovery of recyclables, while the organic fraction and the non-recyclables are sent to the pyrolysis energy recovery.

The pyrolysis reactor consists in a rotary drum heated externally. Inside it, the pre-treated waste is introduced and converted into syngas under controlled operation conditions. 

After the pyrolysis reactor, the syngas with some contaminants is sent to a purification system where particulate and acidic gases are removed. The result of this process is a clean gas, made of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and light hydrocarbons, with nearly 50% of the natural gas heat value.

A part of the syngas (30%) is then used to sustain the pyrolysis process and the remaining (70%) is used to replace other fuels in order to produce heat and/or electricity.

Rotary Drum Pyrolysis